Meet Ryan

I’m Ryan Lorensen, a local family man that runs Locked with Lorensen, a fishing guide service out of the central New York area. Ever since I can remember I have been outside surrounded by nature doing a variety of hobbies including fishing, hunting, hiking and camping. When I’m not on the water with clients, I’m spending time with my family. Naturally, a lot of my free time is spent with the kids and you will often find us near the water fishing, exploring and enjoying the outdoors. I personally love to target all species of fish but my favorites would have to be Steelhead and Tiger Musky. I am also a diehard ice fisherman and love spending the night ice camping during the winter months. I am an optimist that never gives up and I love sharing my passion for fishing with everyone I meet. My years of experience and determination is what will make our trip successful. Add on a friendly and outgoing personality to make the successful trip and unforgettable one!

What's next?

Let me know what kind of adventure you’d like to go on!